About This User GuideΒΆ

The purpose of this user guide is to describe how to access and use Cambium LINKPlanner.

Cambium Networks provides the LINKPlanner application with the following products:

  • PTP Planning - 60 GHz cnWave, ePMP (PTP Mode) , PTP 450 family, PTP 670, PTP 820 and PTP 850 equipment

  • PMP Planning - cnWave 5G Fixed, 60 GHz cnWave, ePMP, N500 and PMP 450 family equipment

  • cnMatrix Tower Switches

Use LINKPlanner to help predict where and how equipment will work. It allows the network planner to answer these questions:

  • Will each link transmit data fast enough for the user?

  • Will each link be reliable enough for the user?

  • Which Network Device will be best for a subscriber?

Getting started

How to use LINKPlanner

To perform a quick test of the feasibility of a planned link, follow the procedure described in:.

If the resulting performance predictions look promising, plan the link in greater detail as described in Using LINKPlanner.

Supporting information

LINKPlanner Training Course

A LINKPlanner Certification Training course is available in Cambium Networks Learning, see https://learning.cambiumnetworks.com/