Advanced FeaturesΒΆ

The Advanced Features node of the navigation tree contains the following:

  • Antennas: This feature displays tables of available antennas. It is possible to create, edit and delete custom antennas for Unlicensed PTP and Subscriber Modules. See Antennas.

  • Best Server Analysis: Automatically determine which ND is the best option for all subscriber sites. This requires the PMP Network Device to be created prior to running. See Best Server Analysis.

  • Terragraph Planner: This feature only applies to cnWave 60 GHz products. Use the Terragraph Planner feature to automatically plan a 60 GHz Network. The Terragraph Planner automatically selects the most appropriate DN locations, assigns the orientation of the DN and if required connects the CNs to each DN. See Terragraph Planner Configuration.