User Interface Tips

Managing Table Views

LINKPlanner uses table views in several places to summarize information and allow the user to manage the data in a single location. These include:

All of these tables can be managed in very similar ways, using the following features:


Example Table View

To delete one or more rows, select the row or rows by ticking the box at the left hand side of each row and click table_delete.

To export the data in the table to a csv file, click table_download_csv

Customizing the Table view

The table display can be customized in the following ways:

  • To change the columns displayed on the PTP Links, PMP Network Devices and PMP Links Tables choose Select Columns and tick each item to be included in the table view

  • To change the column order, use click and drag on the column headings.

  • To sort the list by any column, click the arrow in the column header (as shown in the Name column in Example Table View).

  • Use the Filter box above the table as a quick filter capability, which will restrict the rows to those containing the filter phrase in any column

  • To filter the table based on a single column select the 3 lines to the right of a column name (as shown in the Band column in Example Table View) and then choose the filter condition and add the text to filter on.

  • Tick Show All Rows to remove the table pagination and show all rows on the same page

  • Tick the box in the first header column to select all rows or use the boxes in the first column in each row to select specific rows

Table Editing

Some of the columns support editing, where the values can be changed in the table view. To change a value in the table view click in the cell and select the drop down arrow to select from a pre-defined list (for example when changing the band), for numeric values either use the up and down arrow keys or type a new value into the cell.

Values that are editable can also be changed for multiple rows simultaneously by first selecting the required rows and then selecting a cell that needs to be changed.