Sites are locations that can be connected via PTP, Mesh or PMP links. A Project would normally contain at least two sites. Sites can be either Network Sites, used for Network Devices and PTP or Mesh Links, or Subscriber Sites, used for the remote end of PMP links.

Identify all sites in the project, determine whether they are Network Sites or Subscriber Sites and obtain their latitude and longitude using the WGS84 frame of reference. Use tools such as:

Network Sites and Subscriber Sites are both created and managed using the same facilities within LINKPlanner.

New Sites

Import sites from external files as described in Importing Sites, or create them in LINKPlanner as described in Creating Sites.

Sites List

Display the list of sites in the project, as described in Displaying the Sites List.

Viewing and Updating Sites

When sites have been created, open them in the following ways:

  • Click on the site in the Network Sites, icon_menu_network_site or Subscriber Sites, icon_menu_subscriber_site list or table.

  • Right click on the site in the map view and select Edit.

The Site page is displayed. See Site Page.